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Las Vegas Divorce & Child Custody Lawyer

Few things are as stressful as disputes involving family. If you are going through such a dispute then you are concerned for your future. Your marriage may be ending, you may have concerns over seeing your children, you may not know how the current disagreements will impact your finances, and more. The Zernich Law Office assists Las Vegas area residents with such issues and it is our goal to get you through the current crisis in as efficient a way as possible. We understand that this is a time at which you are worried about what will happen. We focus on the law so you don’t have to and, more importantly, so you can be free to focus on the future. We service all of southern Nevada. Contact us today to speak with a Las Vegas divorce & child custody lawyer.

Las Vegas family law attorneys dealing with divorce, child custody, and spousal support

It is frightening to know that your marriage is coming to an end or that the relationship you enjoy with your child may be changing. If you are facing such a situation then you likely do not know what will happen or what to expect. Our Las Vegas family law attorneys have been assisting local families for more than a decade in matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, and the relocation of children. Our lawyers provide affordable representation in such matters as we understand that your funds should go to something more important – your family. We understand that we cannot make this a stress free time. We can, however, devote our best efforts to ensuring that you get through this process in as efficient and affordable a manner as possible.

We will use your initial consultation to gain an initial understanding of your situation. Time is of the essence in matters of the family so we will quickly file the initial Complaint if you are filing a new case. We will also quickly file any necessary Motions should you have an existing matter. The discovery process allows us to gather evidence in support of arguments on your behalf. Our investigation will explore finances in matters of child support or spousal support, ownership issues regarding disputes over community property, as well as evidence which relates to one’s fitness to parent. We will stay in regular contact with you throughout the process, make ourselves available to answer your questions, and will work to ensure that you know what to expect as the case goes forward. Contact our attorneys online or by telephone to schedule an initial consultation. Our lawyers service the greater Las Vegas area.

Affordable legal representation for Las Vegas area residents dealing with a family law dispute

Many Las Vegas area residents are worried about the prohibitive cost of quality legal representation. This concern sometimes causes people to forego legal representation in family law disputes. We understand that Clark County residents were hit hard by the “Great Recession” and that many cannot afford high legal fees. We are able to accept payment plans under certain circumstances and will be mindful of your situation as the case moves forward. Attorney Gary Zernich has been practicing law in Las Vegas since 2001 and has seen both the good and bad times; we understand the importance of your finances and will do our best to work with you during your time of need.

Do you need assistance with a difficult family law, divorce, or child support matter? If so then it is important to hire counsel so that you can proceed through the process correctly.  Let us help you move on with your life. Contact our office by phone at 702.616.9838 to speak with a divorce and family law attorney today.