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Posted by on Nov 5, 2013 in Other Legal Matters | 0 comments

Obtaining a Nevada Name Change

There are many reasons why one may wish to change their legal name. They may have gone by something other than their birth name since the time they were a child. Others may have not changed their name following a divorce but wish to revert to a maiden name now. There are other additional reasons that make one wish to change their legal name. Fortunately, Nevada’s adult name change laws allow the process to proceed relatively painlessly. Our Nevada name change attorney has handled many such matters for residents of Las Vegas.

Nevada’s name change process allows the process to be completed quickly

There are multiple steps involved in getting a Nevada Court to order your name changed. First, one must file what is referred to as a “Verified Petition” with the Court. This Petition must contain, among other things, the following information:

  • Your current name
  • What you wish to change your name to
  • The reason for the name change
  • Certain information regarding any criminal history you may have

If your Petition is not correct then you may wind up going through the entire process only to have the Court deny your request. This would make you begin the process anew and is the reason why filing your initial documents correctly is as important in a name change as in any other legal matter.

Once your Petition has been filed you must go through a process known as “Publication.” During this time you will publish a notice, in an appropriate circular, that you are changing your name and what it is you will be changing your name to. This portion of the process allows any people, who may have a legitimate reason for challenging your name change, to step forward. The period of publication is three weeks in Nevada.

After completion of Publication there will typically be a short Court hearing in which your attorney will assist you in answering any questions the Court may have regarding your name change. The Court will typically sign the Order at this hearing. After that, your attorney will help you take the appropriate steps to ensure that your new name is registered with the necessary governmental agencies.

Understanding the legal effects of a Nevada name change

Changing your name in Nevada allows you to, among other things, amend your birth certificate to reflect your new name. You are then able to do things such as change your driver’s license and your legal name with the Social Security Administration. Changing your name, however, does not do things such as erase criminal records or forgive debts that may have been held under another name.

Our office handles Nevada name changes on a regular basis and understands the process involved. Contact us online or by telephone to speak with Gary Zernich, Esq.

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